Saturday, June 06, 2009


Shawna arranged for the three of us to zip line on my birthday. We used a company named Chiclets Canopy Tours in Playa Hermosa. We got all our gear on and heard an explanation of how to perform on the zip line before loading into a truck and drive into the jungle. We then hiked up a trail with stairs. On the way we saw a green and black poisonous tree frog. Thatwas awesome. We also came across some cutter ants that were carrying pieces of leaves to their homes. Once at the top we were hooked onto the 1st wire and began our run. I was quite nervous for the first few but after a while I was much more relaxed. I did not get as brave as Emily who did it upside down and backwards. She was awesome. Then there was Shawna who was a pro after having done it 5 time prior to our visit. The guys that worked at Chiclets were awesome. So patient with me and my nervousness. At the same time they joked with us and their own partners.
It definitely was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, for so many reasons.

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