Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last weekend we celebrated Ysabelle's 13th Birthday. 
I still can't get over it...she is a teenager.  I remember that little baby that laid in the bassinet while in the hospital and I looked in at her and wondered what she would be like as she matured.  Would we be friends, would she be athletic or a cheerleader, would Steve have to scare the boys away from this beautiful girl?
And now I know...she is a beautiful young woman.  She is very independant, but has moments that she needs her mom and dad for support still.  She is very smart and can do anything that she puts her mind to.  She can be very nurturing to little ones and compassionate to those who need help.  She can dance and play sports.  She is a natural on the piano and has a beautiful voice when she sings.  She just seems to be a natural at anything she tries.  She is going therough the typical preteen/teenage angst that so many of us have gone through.  I hope she will continue through these upcoming years with few heartbreaks and tears.
I love that girl, my baby girl...
Welcome to your teenage years, Bell-E-Button!!!

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