Sunday, May 29, 2011


Steve and I after the race.
Pretty tired, but the medal makes it all worth it!!

 This was my 4th time running the 1/2 Marathon in Ogden.
Steve and I got to the "busstops" about 5:00 am.  Steve loaded onto his full marathon bus and I found my half marathon bus and boarded.  I sat around others that were as anxious as myself to begin the 13.1 mile journey back down the canyon.  I had my earbuds in my ears and was already getting "pumped up" by my playlist, but I could still hear the people who sat around me talking.  The discussed times and fuel, but the comments that caught my attention the most was one of the runners saying, " know what really impresses me?  The people that walk the half marathon.  That is a LONG time to walk, I'm not sure I could do it..."  I can't even tell you how much it meant to me to hear them essentially be talking about me.  Made me feel pretty good.
The message that kept me going for 4 more miles
The start was not as cold as I had anticipated it to be. It began a little late, but once we got going I began to warm up.  It was a beautiful day to be racing.  It had rained 5 days in a row prior to race day.  Spent the 13.1 miles alternating between walking and jogging.  When I came up to mile 9, I began to remember how hard the race gets for me from that point on.  It was then that I could hear my phone ringing.  I had just received a text message from my daughter, Belle.  It said, "LET'S GO MOM".  I teared up a little.  How did she know I needed that.  It was that message that pushed me the next 4 miles.
Yep, that's me running!!!
Steve passed me after mile 10.  I was still feeling pretty confidant and impressed at how my body was feeling.  Nothing ached or hurt.  Before I knew I was running the last tenth of a mile and could see the finish line that never seemed to get any closer.  I did finally get there and finished the race and got my medal.  Another half marathon done. 

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