Sunday, January 21, 2007

All You Need is Friends

We are back to full spend with the school work this week. Steve has been busy assisting Zack with a Science experiment for the Science fair. Zack is trying to find out how much better antibacterial soap is that regular soap for cleaning your hands. They have made petri dishes to for growing the bacteria. I think they have had a good time working together.

Belle so far is doing pretty well in school. Everything seems to come easily to her, it is just a matter of her taking her time and really applying herself. She has been kept busy this week writing a book report for the Wax Museum. She reads a biography about someone, she chose Laura Ingalls Wilder, writes a report and and then dresses up as her character and all the parents come and walk around and look at all the characters. It is really cute.

After spending the week help Zack on his science fair project and Belle with her book report on Laura Ingalls Wilder, we needed a night out. The Duve's invited us to go to a Grizzlies (hockey) game. We accepted the invitation. I had never been to a hockey game and never had any interest in watching hockey. We went out to dinner with them and headed over to the E Center for the game. I have to admit it was fun. Steve explained to me all he knows about hockey, which helped.

Last night we got together with our neighbors the Hortons and played Settlers of Catan. I have to admit, I went over there a little bit cocky. I had won 2 games against Steve during the day and thought my luck would follow me over to their house. So we played 3 games and Ken won the 1st two and Wendy the last one. Obviously I had left my luck at home. Even though we did not win, we still had a great time. I walked away from this weekend just extremely grateful for the friends we have in our life. After a week of projects, homework, clothes lying on bedroom floors; it is nice to have a low key evening with some friends and unwind.

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