Sunday, December 31, 2006


Steve and I got up early on Saturday to begin our trip to Moab. It was quite chilly here in Ferron. 13 DEGREES...brrrrrr. We loaded into the van and headed to I-70. As usual we had interesting conversations, but the best part was the scenery. This part of he country is absolutely beautiful.

Once we got to Moab, Steve dropped me off at a little used bookstore that had a little coffe shop attached to it. He was going to go and do a 4 mile hike and I opted to hang out in the warm bookstore browsing. After looking around for about an hour. I made a fw selections, purchased and headed for the coffee shop. I got a mug of hot cocoa and a blueberry scone and made myself comfortable for my people watching. It was fun to watch the different charactes, and they were characters, come in to the shop. Once the hot cocoa was done I walked the streets of Moab peking into the gift shops that were open. Unfortunately half of them were closed for the season.

About 3 hours after dropping me off, Steve completed his hike and we met up at Pizza place across the street from the bookstore. This was a yummy place. They had a buffet bar: salad, soup, and pizza. Steve told me about his hike. He said he could have spent much more time there than he had< just poking around Once we loaded up on yummy food and diet coke we headed to Canyonlands. Mostly to do a scenic tour of the park. Our time was limited. Steve purcahsed a National Parks year pass, that I know he is looking forward to using in 2007. I did get a little carsick on the winding roads that lead to te park itself. We stopped at a few view points. The most breathtaking for me was the Grand View. It was INCREDIBLE. Definitely this is a place we will come back to and explore a little more thoroughly.

Then we started our long trip to my parents house and home made Chimichungas...YUMMERS!!!

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