Monday, February 05, 2007

This Week...

We have survived our first Science Fair. Zack had worked very hard all of January trying to get his project done. He and Steve became pros at making petri dishes, he studied the importance of bacteria and has become fluent in science speak. Thursday he turned in the project and report and on Friday was the official Science Fair. Parents were invited to come and walk around and see the projects. The children would explain what their hypothesis was and what procedures they performed. It was actually quite neat. Of course I am his mom, but I thought Zack had one of the best projects. He was even proud of his project. Unfortunately he did not win to move on the the next level, but he did do a great job.


Katie decided this week that she wanted to make a scarf using the knitting looms that they received for Christmas this year. She is so cute. She is like a little monkey. She uses her little feet to hold the loom as she wraps the yarn around the loom. It is going to be a cute little scarf. I think the coolest thing is that she has made it herself.

We had our 3rd Annual Superbowl Party. The 1st was celebrated at our house 2 years ago, last year our friend's the Nigh's hosted and this year the Duve's threw the big bash. Steve and I were not pulling strongly for any team. The Chargers had not made it to the big game and that had disappointed us. So I decided to spend the night cheering for the Colts (I love the goofiness of Peyton Manning). This worked out well because Ryan Duve was rooting for the Bears and I love it when we are on different sides of the fence. The game was great! The company even better!! We actually had a little pool going. We all got to put our names in 5 different squares on the chart, including the kids. It was fun to see who might be winning the big prize. So, even though Ryan's Bear lost the game he did get the "booby prize". It was one of those handheld football games that were around back in the '80s. Probably the funniest part of the evening was the halftime show. Prince was the artist performing. As soon as he began playing his first song all three of us, Dayna, Stacy and I said how it brought back memories of high school. We sat in our seats and bopped and sang along to the music while the "younger" generation sat in awe of how strange he was. Belle topped it off by sang, "Well, that was interesting" Too Funny!!

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