Thursday, February 15, 2007

Very Weber Valentine

This Valentines Day I woke up early and made a breakfast for all my sweethearts. I made heart shaped pancakes, fried eggs, sausage links an a couple of strawberries for a splash of color. The children one by one came down the stairs to find their breakfast and a Valentine/stuffed animal at the place on the table. They were so excited for their new stuffed animals they all ran back upstairs and brought down the Valentine stuff animals I had given them the year before. It made me feel so go knowing that they remembered what we had given them last year and still had them. I gave Steve the last of his "14 Days of Valentines" gift. It was the cover for the tag book. And I received the last piece for my picture puzzle that he had made for me. It was the center piece which is a silhouetted picture of the two of us kissing.

Everyone left for school and work. And for the first time ever I was excited for Steve to leave for work. And here's why...about 45 minutes after he left the phone rang. I answered and he said,
"when did you do this?...It is so are sneaky..."

He had walked into his pharmacy to find a dozen roses, a balloon, dark chocolate hearts, and garland around his computer. I had sneaked off after the PTA meeting on Tuesday and drove to Murray and set up the stuff in his pharmacy. He said that later in the day one of the customers asked the female tech, "are those roses for you?" She said, "no, they are for Steve the pharmacist." The customer replied, "It's about time men get flowers for Valentines Day."

Well I spent the day dipping strawberries and prepping for a romantic dessert evening. I carried a small table from the basement up to our bedroom and covered it with a tablecloth and spread rose petals on the table. I set the table and spread candles through out the room. The I made chocolate bundles for our dessert. The kids thought it was neat that Steve and I were having a date at home. They peeked into the bedroom and saw the room all decked out. Steve finally made it home about 9:30. We spent the evening talking and eating our dessert.

Steve opened his card and read through the book that I had made. It chronicled the beginning of our relationship. It covered when we met, first impressions, first kiss, wedding, honeymoon and lots of other stuff. You can see the inside of the book at:

He really seemed to love the book. I had asked him a moth ago to answer certain questions so I could add his perspective to the book. Then Steve gave me the card he had picked for me. The card was nice but the words he wrote inside were absolutely beautiful. The opened my gift and found a cute pink purse an matching wallet. We had been up to Park City a few weeks ago and when we were in the Liz Claiborne store I had fallen in love with 2 purses one was practical and brown. The other was pink and pho-alligator. I opted that day to buy the practical one. Steve drove up there on Tuesday and bought me the pink one. I was so excited.
What an awesome husband I have.

It was a great Valentine Day.

I was afraid that because Steve had to work maybe it wouldn't be very special, but the whole day seemed pretty close to perfect.


shawna said...

WOW! What a special day for you and your family!! We did something similar, minus the fun gift exchange.
You are very creative! Always have been.

scrapperjen said...

WOW! What a wonderful day! You go all out and you're so creative!