Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is in the Air

I feel safe in saying, "Spring has come to South Jordan!!"

I have woken up everyday for the last week in anticipation of seeing my daffodils finally opened up. We planted the bulbs for the tulips and daffodils around the front of the house in the fall. These are some of my most favorite flowers. They remind me so much of Maine. I love this time of the year. I have spent the afternoons in my front yard reading my book for bookclub, watching the kids play and seeing daily what change has happened in out yard. The trees have developed their blooms and are right on the edge of getting their flowers. The grass seems to get a little greener everyday.

The children have been off track for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Thank heavens for the great weather. This is some of the stuff that has happened:
  • Kids go camping with Steve to Snow Canyon and collect petrified wood and explore lava tubes.

  • Mom has an all night crop while the family is away.

  • Kids go bowling with their friends

  • Katie and Becky see "Happy Feet" with their friend Noah

  • Zack goes skiing with Steve up in Brighton

  • Making salt clay sculptures

  • Katie and Becky scrapbooking with Mommy for the 1st time

  • Belle's 1st ski trip with Daddy and Zack

  • Zack goes to the Planetarium with his friend Jake.

The twins FINALLY had their scrapbooking experience. My friend Sandra planned an 8x8 album entitled, "All About...". I signed the girls up and went last Friday night. It was so much fun. I cut all the pieces to their correct size and they put the pages together by following the color copies that Sandra had made. They did a good job. Katie took it kind of like a race and did her versions of "slap and scrap". Becky on the other hand was a little more meticulous. Tried to get the pieces into the same exact spot as in the picture. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from? They are so proud of their pages. I can not wait to find some cute albums to slide the pages into. We also need to fill in the pictures spots and do a little journaling. What a cute album for them to have as they get older.

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