Saturday, March 24, 2007

Piano Recitals

I am so proud of Zack and Belle. When I was young I never had the opportunity to learn an instrument. They have both been taking piano lessons for a few years now. Today was their piano recital at Riverton music. There were 31 students that performed for 1 1/2 hours. It took quite a while, but I seriously sat there in awe of the talent in the room. Zack played the theme song from ET and Belle performed Music Box Dancer. I hope they both will continue perfecting this talent. I am hoping to get Becky and Katie on the waiting list to start taking lessons from Sister Coates. She is an awesome teacher.

We came home in time to have a casual dinner and then enjoy another spring afternoon. I initially sat outside thinking I would tackle a little more of East of Eden, but instead I decided to join in on a volleyball game (minus a net) with Steve and the kids. It was actually quite fun to just be hanging out together.

It appears that much of our time was spent chasing after crazy balls. I decided it would be a great time to snap off a few photos. It was until after the ball had been put away and I uploaded the pictures to my computer did I realize the funny faces that the kids make as they are hitting the ball.
The countdown is on until the kids go back to school:
36 hours and 12 minutes!!!!

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