Friday, March 30, 2007

I Survived Parent/Teacher Conferences

Yesterday was our Parent Teacher Conferences. It all began at Jordan Ridge with a visit to Belle's classroom. She is doing well as far as knowledge of the subjects goes. She passed her ALPS test so she will continue in the program next year. Now we just need to work on getting along with people in her class and turning her work in on time. Belle's teacher, Mrs. Stowe, is just such a nice woman and I feel blessed that Belle has had her this year.

Next we visited with Zack's teacher, Mrs. Lybbert. She seemed to think Zack was doing quite well. He still struggles a little with the fractions, but he did essentially skip a grade of math this year and I think overall has done a great job trying to keep up with it all. The best news from the conference is that there is no LARGE projects for the rest of the year. WHOOHOO!!!! He also passed his ALPS test, but initially was put on a waiting list. That was a little frustrating, but it sounds as though there were many parents that were frustrated with placement on the waiting list. Those parents went to the last school board meeting and managed to get the board to change all the waiting list children. So Zack has made it into an ALPS class, now we need to wait and see if he will be able to goto the same school that he has gone to for the past year. More waiting....UGH!!!

After a quick supper at McDonald's Playland, we went to the other school, Elk Meadows, for Katie and Becky's conference with their teacher Mrs. Forsyth. They are both doing very well. The worst thing she said about them was they needed to slowdown and take their time doing their work and that Katie should try to participate in the discussions, offer answers, etc. Becky also passed her ALPS test, but as I predicted Katie did not pass. Since 3 of my 4 children will be attending Jordan Ridge I have started the process of transferring all of their records over there. I definitely will miss Elk Meadows. I think it is a good school and I have enjoyed getting to know all the teachers.

PTC done for another school year!!

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