Monday, March 26, 2007

Skiing in Utah

This is kind of a late post. A week ago Steve took Zack and Belle skiing up at Brighton. This is Zack's second year on skiing. He really seems to like it. He has been excited to get to go. Last year it was free for students to ski up there. The only expense for us was the rental of the equipment. Unfortunately, the same deal was not offered this year, so Steve only brought Zack up there a couple of times this year.

Belle had been waiting all winter to finally get her chance to learn. According to Steve, both of them have caught on to how to do it pretty well. Belle was eager to go on some of the more difficult runs as the day went on. When the all got home, they all wore a huge smile of their face along with a little sunburn on their brows.

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Shawna said...

Great pictures! How exciting for the kids. Hey, I like your new blog background. Did you upgrade?