Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ogden Half Marathon

Saturday, May 16th was the Ogden Marathon.
This was my 2nd half marathon and I was blessed to have one of my good friends, Stacey, running it with. She was so sweet to stay with me at my "slow" pace.
We boarded the bus that took us up into the canyon about 4:45 am. Once at the starting area, there were barrels that had fires blazing in them...thank heavens because it was stinkin' cold up there. I ate my bagel that I had brought with me and drank some of my Gatorade. We ran into our friend Wendy's husband as we were warming our selves and enjoying visiting with him as the start approached. Before we knew it, 7:00 was there and the race had begun. We walked the first mile at a speedy pace to get up the hill.
The rest of the course we tackled with intervals of walking and running. Once we crossed the dam for Pineview Reservoir there were more down hills that were fun to run down. Not long after we got back into the city, Steve met us on the trail. It was perfect timing because I was getting a little achy at that point and he was just the "shot in the arm" to get me moving again.
Once we turned the corner I knew I had a GREAT chance to meet my goal. Last year I had completed the course with a time of 3:44:58. And my goal for this year was 3:30. So we made our way down Washington Ave. and the finish gate did not seem to be getting any closer (so frustrating)
Before I knew it we were crossing the finish line and the time on the clock said

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

That is awesome!!!
You beat your time. :)