Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Old Friend

What a treat I had friend Michele was flying home to Maine after spending a week with her daughter and new grandbaby in Idaho.
She only had less than an hour, but Steve and I drove to the airport and hung out in the baggage claim area as we visited with her.
We were besties while I lived in Maine. Every summer we spent a week in a rental house on Cobbossee Lake. So many memories of trick-o-treating together, eating lobsters, laying out by the lake, Christmas shopping trips to Portland...Those were good times that I still cherish.
We are not as close as were in those days. Whose fault that is, I don't know. It does make me sad that our friendship has changed, but I guess that is how life is...relationship evolve and change. It is nice knowing she is still in my life and we share those special days in Maine.


Michele said...

Hey Nikki,
What is that saying about those special friends or besties that no matter how long its been since you have seen each other you just pick right back up where you left off....and something about not being offended when months go by without speaking b/c of just living life!!! That is exactly how I feel!!! You will always be one of my besties....I feel like I could sit on the couch with you and talk about anything for hours!!! I do hope that both of our lives will allow for WAY more visiting time....I would LOVE that!!! I cherish our Maine memories and look forward to making many more GREAT memories in the future!!!
Love You Always,

Nikki said...

I did not mean that you are not one of my besties. I was trying to convey how things change. Your friendship is still deep in my heart, but you have to admit we don't share as much of our day to day life as we did back in the day. That is what I meant by relationships evolve. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. I am hoping for more memories together to add to the hope chest in my heart where I keep the ones from the past.