Saturday, October 30, 2010


Steve ran in what will probably be his last race of 2010...the Provo Halloween Half Marathon. What a fun race to finish the year off on. He joined lots of other racers in costumes as the ran down Provo Canyon. He pulled out the "Scarecrow" costume I made him several years ago when we dressed up together as Dorothy and the Scarecrow. We had heard that it is a pretty fast course and that many people can PR on this one. So I was a little nervous that with the costume on he might not have a fabulous time, but he managed to finish with a time of 1:22...which is pretty darn good. Not a PR, but he 2nd best 1/2 marathon time.
I am gonna gush a little. I am so proud of Steve and his ability to do so well when he runs these races. I love standing around the finish line and watching the other racers come by. Then the moment comes when I get a glimpse of him. It is not usually so easy to pick him out as it was this time (not many guys dressed like scarecrows running ). I get so excited. I get so torn between taking pictures of him running or cheering him on. I usually choose the cheering and miss getting some better shots.

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