Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Belle's Ear Piercing

As I was planning for this crazy weekend last week, Belle came to me and said, "I can't wait until Saturday, I get to have my ears pierced."


I had forgotten I had told her when she turned 8 she could get her ears pierced. But we had planned a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt for the morning, I needed to pick up the birthday cake, go and get the pictures developed from the Primary Activity the day before, clean up my house, get the kids washed and dressed for the baptism and actually get over to the church. When was I gonna do this or even have the energy.

I told told my friend Wendy about my predicament and she reminded me that our neighbor Lindsi pierces ears and that Wendy actually had a set of studs we could borrow.

So Saturday morning I was on the phone with Lindsi and determined I had a half hour window to come over and have this done. Wendy, bless her heart, could not find the studs and remembered that she had lent them to her sister in law, who lives in the next town over. So she drove over there and met me at Lindsi's for "THE PIERCING". Belle had no idea what we were doing. We pulled up in front of Lindsi's and I said, "okay Belle...Let's get those ears pierced." She was a ball of excitement and nervousness all rolled in one. We had a good audience: Lindsi's daughter's Bailey and Emily, a neighbor Mackenzie and Wendy and her daughter Kayla.

Lindsi got the first earring in without much resistance, but Belle was a little hesitant to have it done again. Everyone in the group reassured her it would be okay and that she was being so brave. I worried about the time. We still had so much to do. Finally Lindsi said, "Do you want your mom to hold your hand?" I did and she seemed to relax a little.

She does look really pretty with the new earrings and has shown everyone that she now has pierced ears. I can't believe how mature she looks.