Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Madam Crane's Wax Museum

Friday Morning the D Track 4th Grade put on a Wax Museum. The kids had to read a biography, write a 1 page report, make a poster with pictures and facts, BUT the best part was that they got to dress up as the person the read about. Zachary had read a book about Abraham Lincoln. We had fun coming up with his costume. Steve went to a party store and found he top hat and then went to DI (a thrift store) and found a black bow tie. Then using a piece of felt Steve made a beard that attached to his glasses. He did not have a black suit jacket, but wore ablack one of mine that had been hanging in my closet. He looked so cute. We arrived at Mrs. Crane's room at 10:00 am to find all sorts of great characters: John Muir, a few Helen Kellers, Frida Kahlo, a couple of Tiger Woods, Babe Ruth, Mia Hamm. On the cout of 3 all the students had to hold their poses as the parents proceeded to walk through. We also visited the other 4th grade class rooms. Some of our friend's were in those classrooms and were George Washington, Venus Williams and Albert Einstein.

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