Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yellowstone: Part 1

Sorry I have been MIA the last few weeks. We are wrapping up the kids school year and have just been plain busy.

For Father's Day weekend Steve, the kids and I went to Yellowstone Park. We got up early Friday morning and headed to Wyoming. We were finally in the park by 2:00 pm. Within minutes we saw bison laying in fields on the side of the road.

We pulled over and began taking pictures. Once we took a sufficient amount of photos we moved on to the campsite and pitched tents and unrolled sleeping bags. We then headed out to visit the geysers. We made it just in time to watch "Old Faithful" go off. Then we took a walk and visited some of the lesser known geysers in that area. Once you get over the "who's cookin' eggs" smell, it is quite incredible.

After hitting the geysers we went back to camp changed into our snuggly clothes and got the fire started. We cooked hotdogs and ate chips. Once the sun went down we sentr the kids to their tent and settled in by the fire and just spent the evening talking and poking at the fire.

I woke up at 7:30 the next morning to the smell of eggs and bacon. I got up, ate breakfast and got dressed to take on some more of the Park. We left the campground and drove down the road and hit traffic. Before wecould get too frustrated we realized that it was because there were bison walking right down the middle of the road. The walked right next to our truck and hardly even noticed we were there. I was blown away. They are HUGE!!! We saw hundreds of bison. There were fields with babies and even elk mixed in.

As we drove on we came to a bunch of cars pulled over to the side of the road and people armed with cameras. When we inquired what was in the woods we were told there were 2 black bears. Steve and 3 of the children headed in the direction with the rest of the people while Katie and I stayed with the truck. Steve got a couple of pictures, but pretty much by the time he got there they had decided to head off farther into the woods. So once my family got back to the car we headed off to our next destination, the Fishing Bridge.

I will have to leave you all hanging there. And fill you in on the rest of the exciting things we saw in a 2nd post tomorrow.

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Sarahmc said...

Ohhh, so super cool!
Great photo's, can't wait to hear more!