Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yellowstone: Part 2

As we came around the corner for the Fishing Bridge there was more traffic. We began asking people standing on the sides of the road what they could see. Their reply,


Sure enough in the middle of this field was a small grizzly bear laying there.
We pulled our truck off to the side of the road and joined the rest of the vacationers. It laid there for a while and then got up and ate its way through the dandelions, closer and closer to us. There were a couple of Park Rangers there that were controlling the situation. We took 2 rolls of film and about 20 digital images of the bear. A couple of people commented that the bear was pretty small, but as we stood there and watched him eat and lay down I got a good look at his crawls and came to the conclusion that he was big enough for me. When the Park Ranger informed us that if the bear got any closer to us, he was going to clear out the area we decided it would be best to leave.

We took a long and uneventful drive around Yellowstone Lake. After having encountered so many neat animals in such a short time, this part of the drive was a bit boring. Just before we got to our camp ground we saw to women taking pictures of something. I thought, "It is probably another bison".
But, it wasn't. It was a coyote standing around the picnic tables. We got out of the truck and watched the coyote. He walked around behind the picnic table and then stopped for a moment. It was watching something very closely. Then he pounced on a mouse and ate it. We took a few more photos and moved on.

We decided after a few hours of seeing animals and wilderness we would head into West Yellowstone and have an ice cream and do some window shopping. As we were leaving the park we hit, traffic again. There was a bison standing on the side of the road and on the other side of the road was a small group of full grown and baby bison. It appears that the one bison was acting as a crossing guard so that the small herd could cross and join him and the others on the side of the road. We got a couple of neat, fairly close pictures of those beautiful animals.

On the way back from West Yellowstone we saw a beautiful bald eagle perched on a log. Not far from where he was perched was her nest with 2 babies in it. We did not get a good view of the babies, but Steve got a couple of good shots of the eagle. It was incredible. I have never seen one of those in person. Once we finally got back to came, we began to make our supper. Steve went up to the restrooms and when he returned he told me there was 4 bison right there in came. I went and looked at them. It was kind of a surreal moment.

We saw so much in those short 2 days. I feel like this short blog entry doesn't even do justice to what we saw.


Miss Carrie said...

holy crap! it's like animal kingdom out there! i can't believe how close you guys were to the bear and coyote...i'm the type to say, 'i'll just watch from the car...with the windows rolled up.'

Sheila said...

Wow! What a memorable trip! We're hoping to make it to Yellowstone soon. Neither my dh nor I have ever been and I'm really looking forward to it. Cool bear shots!