Thursday, August 10, 2006

Emery County Fair

This past weekend the kids and I went down to Ferron to visit my parents and attend the Emery County Fair.

It all started off with sitting on the side of the road in Castle Dale and watching tIe "floats" pass by. The girls were all excited to see girls wearing crowns and cheerleaders dancing, but the best part was ALL the C-A-N-D-Y that they scored.

Following the parade we walked over to the town museum and looked at the different art work that had been created by members of the community: quilts, afghans, turned bowls, paintings, widdled figurines, bronze sculptures...There was some beautiful stuff. Then we sat outside the museum and listened to a local performer sing and play his guitar while Papa and Zack shot bows and arrows.

We finally wandered over to the fair grounds and the kids got to play on the slides and bounce equipment.

Once they had bounced their little hearts out Zack and Belle decided to give the rock wall a try. Zack only made it about half way up, but Belle made it all the way to the top. I was shocked. She can do anything she can put her mind to.

We visited the different booths. I bought one of those cute wooden wall plaques that says, "All because two people fell in love". After visiting all the booths we wandered over to the food area. So many choices, so little room in my tummy: ribs, BBQ corn, Navajo tacos, scones, Corn dogs, burgers, Chinese food,Pizza, frozen bananas (which Becky and Belle manage to wear more than got into the tummies).

It was a fun way to spend a summer day. I know my parents get a kick from showing their grandchildren off to all their friends.

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