Friday, October 17, 2008


Thursday and Friday the kids were out of school this week.
Friday turned out to be such a beautiful day, we decided to load up the bikes and rollerblades after lunch and go down to the Jordan River Trail.
Steve, Belle and I donned our roller blades while Zack, Katie and Becky lead our way with their bikes. It was fun to roller blade with Steve. It made me think of rollerblading in San Diego together...memories.
The girls were so cute on their bikes. I still sometimes struggle with how much my babies have grown. Zack and Belle ended up trading vehicles. Zack began roller blading with Steve and I and Belle manned the bike.
After about 2 miles we stopped at a little playground and let the kids play and run. Steve and I pulled out our reading material and found a comfortable piece of grass to sit on and soak up the sun.
My children may be a getting older, but they still seemed to enjoy their time on the playground...going down slides, hanging on the monkey bars and playing tag with each other.
A few of us took a walk to the river to find the great blue heron that had flown by us and landed in the water. Unfortunately we could not get close enough to get a picture, but it was fun to sit on the shore and toss rocks and talk.
It was a fabulous way to spend the day together. I love my family and these simple moments that we spend together.

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

We used to love that park when we lived there. Brings back such great memories for me.

You are right, these type memories are what life is about.