Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last year, 2007, when I joined Weight Watchers, my leader Lynda mentioned a Breast Cancer Walk that Weight Watchers was sponsoring and was trying to recruit members of our Wednesday group to join her. I had not been very physically activity and did not join in, but this year when she mentioned it, I was one of the 1st ones to sign up to walk. I have so much more faith in myself and my abilities.
I had a second reason for wanting to walk in this particular event. My friend and neighbor, Tiffiny, was diagnosed this past spring with breast cancer. I still remember standing outside of a friends house after we had spent the evening discussing that month's book club selection and telling me that she had been diagnosed and what the prognosis was. The even bigger impression I was left with that evening was just how positive she was. She was so confident that everything would turn out okay. So once I heard about the walk I called Tiffiny and invited her to do it with me and she graciously agreed.
For the past few days leading up to this walk, the weather forecast was a little SCARY...cold, rain/snow...hmmmm. Did not sound like a good time, but even when I was on the phone with Tiffiny last night and she was telling me that our friend Dayna would not be able to walk with us because she has a bad cold, I knew I could not back out. It just seemed so important to go with Tiff and walk and show my support for her and what she has been through this year. And at the same time do something healthy for myself.
We totally lucked was cold, but no rain or snow. It did not begin to rain until we finished out 4.2 miles and got into my car.
It was a good day for a good walk with a good friend for a good cause.

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Lynda said...

Thanks so much for walking, Nikki. It was so great to meet your friend and to see you walking together. What a wonderful friend and support you are to her --- and in our Weight Watcher meetings,too. I miss you when you aren't there because of the support you give to all our members and your positive attitude even when things aren't going well. Keep up the great work!