Monday, February 02, 2009


I have taken a month off from blogging. I just needed a little break, but I think I am ready to get back to taking pictures of the kids and the things we do. And then post all our happening here to share with our wonderful friends and family. Yesterday, after a great day of church, the kids and I changed out of our church clothes and packed up some goodies and the taco soup I had made and headed over to the Duve's home. This was our 5th year getting together with the Duves and the Nighs I watch the SuperBowl. I really did not have anything invested in either team, but planned to root for the underdog.
Ryan tivoed the game so we could watch it after Steve got done with work. The adults went down to the basement with our chips & guacamole, brownies and sodas then found a comfortable spot to plop and enjoy the game. Luckily there were commercials to entertain us during the first half, because the game was kind of boring. Then during the second half we were on the edge of our seats. We were especially excited when it appeared the Cardinals had a chance to win. Unfortunately that was short lived after a Steelers touch down in the final minute.

Most of the kids, each couple has 4, stayed up on the main floor and played "Gray Wolf" and "Cops and Robbers". They did not have much interest in the game, but sure enjoyed the opportunity to play with each other.
I love watching any football game (especially the CHARGERS), but I have especially enjoyed getting together with our good friends once a year to share the excitementof the BIG GAME!!!.

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