Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Since Steve got his truck, 3 years ago, he has wanted to get a trailer to tow behind it. We have gone to the RV shows and walked through them and picked up the brochures, but just couldn't bring ourselves to actually buy one. Well, we began to plan a trip to Yosemite and thought it might be cool to rent an RV and drive it there and sleep in it rather than doing the tent thing. I LOVED the idea. So one day we went to the rental agency and inquired how much it would be to rent one for 4 days and go all the way to California...$2000!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I was a little disappointed, it seemed like such a fun way to do the vacation. As we drove out of the parking lot I noticed an RV dealership next door and thought maybe we should stop there and see if they rent. Unfortunately they didn't but the salesman said he had a used one that had just been traded in. We went and checked it was in great shape and they made us a deal. And that is how we bought a trailer when we went out to rent one for a trip. I have to be completely honest...I think I am as excited as Steve. It is not a HUGE trailer, we actually did not one a great big one. We wanted one that Steve could use in the late fall and early spring to help with his cabin fever, but still be able to use with the whole family. It has beds for 4...I know we have 6 in our family, but we kind of figure that on most of our family trips the kids are gonna want to sleep in the tent anyway.

I also love the thought of having a warm place to go, but by far the best part is having a potty. That was a must if we bought a trailer.
Steve and Zack have already taken it out on an over-nighter and everything seemed to work fine. I am so glad and look forward to more trips and memory making with my family.

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

I'm so excited for you guys!!! We had a trailer and we LOVED it and we don't camp very often!! You guys are going to get TONS of use out of it!
Think how much money you can make by renting it out every once in a while!

Have fun!