Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NO SWEETS!! day 1

Last year the girls had a bet with Steve to not eat CANDY for 1 year beginning February 15, 2009. About halfway through the year Katie fell out of the competition. Becky and Belle survived the entire year and spent yesterday, February 15, 2010, eating (gorging) on the candy they had collecting through the year.
Well, it was a short reunion with sweets because as of today the whole family is going NO SWEETS for 1 year. That means NO cake, cookies, brownies, candy, hot cocoa, sugar coated cereal, granola bars that are coated with chocolate or have chocolate chips. We will all get 2 "free" days to eat any sweets we want. I think my two days will be when we go to Boston in June, I have to have a canoli from Mike's Pastry, and Christmas. We have also each chosen what we would want for a prize if we make it to the end. Not only do I need to go sweet free for a year, but I need to get to my goal weight. So my prize will be going to Hawaii to show of my new slender body. I think it will be interested to see if there is any difference how I feel not taking in the added sugar...will it make a difference in my weight loss. Steve confided in me this morning that he woke up at 1:00 am wanting M&Ms, does he usually want M&Ms in the middle of the night...NO...but knowing he can't have it makes him want it all the more. Which I am sure will be the big challenge initially these first couple of weeks.
So today I bid BYE-BYE to chocolate, white sugar, fudge, ice cream for one year.

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