Saturday, February 13, 2010


Steve and I decided that instead of buying each other "gifts" just for the sake of buying each other something for Valentines Day, that we would go out together on Friday night. He made a reservation for us to go out to dinner and then we planned to go to a dance that our church was having. I spent much of the week being excited for Friday night. Monday after bowling I went shopping for a new dress.

I went to Dillards and Macys without much luck, but when I got to Penneys that all changed. I went into the dressing room with 10 dresses and loved them all. I was most excited about a red one that I had seen a few months ago when Steve and I had been shopping but it was regular price (and I HATE purchasing stuff at regular price) so I didn't buy it back then. Guess was on the clearance rack today and in my size. WHOOO HOOOO!!! So that was the dress I chose and when I got to the register I was even more thrilled to find it was about 90% off...GET OUT of TOWN!!! Totally made my day. That meant I would have enough extra money to buy new shoes too!!!

Friday as we started our day, Steve showed me the shirt he had bought to wear on our date. I was thrilled to see he had bought something new to wear on our date too. He knows I like the shirts that are out there for men that look like a dress shirt, but then have another graphic on he got one and I LOVED IT!!! I totally would have picked that out for him. Before we left for our evening out my parents and the kids got to see us all gussied up and took some pictures. It was a fabulous evening. We went to Madeline's and had a nice meal together and then went to the church for the dance. They had a photographer there who was taking photographs of the couples for free. So we stood in line and got of pictures taken before we hot the dance floor...which was a good thing because once we started dancing the pretty hair had lost its bounce and much of the makeup had been sweated off. We waltzed, swinged, boot scoot boogied and even chacha'd the night away. It felt like old times, having Steve lead me in a dance, hold me in his arms as a slow song played and twirled me around.
We had our 16th year of doing the 14 DAYS of VALENTINES. I made 14 different tags with a different quote on each one like, "You are the best thing in my LIFE" and then tied it to a box of LIFE cereal or "You LIGHT up my life" and tied it to a light bulb. It was a fun one to do this year. Steve gave me a card everyday that showed different sides of his personality that have come out in him since we have been together. And with each one there was corresponding pictures. I so appreciated the thought and effort that went into his valentines for me this year. I have the coolest husband that continues to do this silly tradition with me, but even more because he doesn't just show me how much he loves me during the 14 DAYS of VALENTINES, but he shows me every single day.

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

Glad you guys had a good time! :) Love 90% off too! SWEET!!!