Sunday, February 07, 2010


After 16 weeks of regular season and three weeks of play offs, SUPER BOWL Sunday arrived. Unfortunately the San Diego Chargers were not one of the teams playing. Instead the NFC Champion New Orleans Saints were facing the Indianapolis Colts. I guess if the Charger were no there my next favorite team would be the Colts (Peyton Manning and all his dorky cuteness)

Steve was off this week after having to work Super Bowl Sunday for the last 3. We decided it would be a great time for us to host. After attending our church meetings in the morning we came home and got into some comfortable, football watching clothes and finished prepping food. All 3 families would be bringing soups and I was providing hot wings, Stromboli, veggie tray, guacamole and other snacky food. We had soooooo much food, but with 12 children between the 3 couples much of it was eaten before the somewhat disappointing halftime show began.

Steve made a chart for us all to put our names in different boxes to predict what the winning score was. There was a silly prize for the person who chose the correct final score. It was a different way to get everyone involved, even the kids who were not much interested in the actual game, but had more interest in the food and foodies that were laying out waiting to be devoured by them.
The game was OK, commercials were mediocre, the halftime show I seriously did not enjoy. But the best part was spending a few hours with the Nighs and the Duves we have been doing this with them for 5 years. I feel so blessed to have such good friends that get our jokes and humor and I can just be myself around. It helps to make for a GREAT evening.
When the game was over...thee Colts(Peyton Manning the Cute Dorky QB) lost and the New Orleans Saints had the big WIN... we chose the winner of the game. Brecken won the good bag which consisted of a foam football (blue, good for either the Colts or Chargers), a pair of goofy novelty glasses and a whistle shaped like a football. Brecken was a good sport and donned the glasses and held the other gear for me to get my bog worthy picture..thanks Brecken.

It was a fabulous evening, can't believe we will have to wait 364 days to do it all over again. Maybe my wonderful Chargers won't choke in the play offs and will be the team I am cheering for next year.

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