Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This was my first time running in the Salt Lake City Half Marathon. Steve has run the Full course a couple of times and it was the 5K that I first tried any sort of race. This year I thought I would give the half a try. We got a ride to the start in our friend's motor home. Which made it very convenient for last minute potties before the race. Steve and the other "real" runners took their place toward the front of the pack, while I headed to the back of the line where I would feel more at home. I was a little nervous to be ll alone, but once I crossed the start line, I really got into the fact that I could o at my own pace. No worries about how fast the person with me was running or the fear of going too slow and embarrassing myself. It was my race, my run and I would do it MY way.
I enjoyed the course, more than I thought I would. I did not have my best time, but I had thought it would take me 3:45 to complete the whole thing I was done in 3:25. So that was an accomplishment, for me. And even better was that I felt GREAT. I did have a few blisters on my feet, which I was actually a little proud of and wore like metals of honor. The Salt Lake Half is definitely a race I would like to try again.

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