Friday, May 14, 2010


Zack's morning began with a breakfast at school. Steve and I came along and he received an award for being STUDENT of the MONTH. As I said in a previous post, he has really worked hard to figure out how to maneuver life with his Asperger. He has worked so hard to maintain his straight A's and of course Steve and I have been so impressed of his hard work, but it was neat to see the school recognize his hard work and what an all around good person he is. We had to say a few words about him, and in typical Nikki fashion, I got choked up as I spoke about Zack and how proud I am of him. The principal told us that there are over 1500 students (7-9 grades) at the middle school. And every month 2 boys and 2 girls from each grade are chosen from a list that teachers have nominated.
Then Zack's day ended with the school SPRING CONCERT. Zack performed 3 pieces with the Concert band. He even had the opportunity to introduce the song, "Lest We Forget" which was being dedicated to those who serve our country. Then he took a small break as another group of band students performed and then returned to perform with the Jazz band. He told us later the funnest part of the concert was the music he got to play with the Jazz Band and in particular, "Dawnwood Blues". I am so glad he is enjoying playing the oboe. He is looking forward to playing with the Symphonic Band next year as a 9th grader and also joining the Bingham High School Marching band

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