Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Gotta love a weekend away with girlfriends. A few months ago Suzanne, Dayna, Tammie and I signed up for Scrap & Play that was being hosted by Creating Keepsakes Magazine at the Marriott in Provo. This was a whole new event. I had attended CKUs, but this promised to be a little more low key. There were a few projects that we would be working on and then we would have lots of cropping time. Teresa Collins came on Friday evening (shortly after her grandson was born) to instruct us in making a book about home. I love, love, love her style. She spent a little bit of the time with us sharing the 1st pictures of her beautiful grandson. We scrapped into the early morning and then retired to our room for a few hours of sleep. It was here at 2:30 am that Tammie decided this would be a great time to have a pillow fight or run out for ice cream. Unfortunately for Tammie, the rest of her roomies were too tired to indulge her. Saturday morning we dressed, grabbed a bagel or muffin and wet back to scrapping. The Scrap & Play staff hung around until about 5:00 pm. It was then that they left us all in the banquet room with no music, or games or anything until we were done at midnight. Although the projects and attention for the first half of the event were wonderful, CK once again lived up to my low expectations. I can't imagine inviting friends for a crop and then leaving them in my basement with no music and food. Truly the most important part of the weekend was spending time with friends.

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