Tuesday, June 01, 2010

MY 38th BIRTHDAY ?!?!

I have ALWAYS loved my birthday...what's not to love? You are the center of attention for one day, people sing to you as they bring you an entire cake and then you open presents.
Well, this was the first year that I approached my birthday with my trepidation...HOW COULD I POSSIBLE BE 38 (almost 40)? Where has the time gone? I have a son that is going to be a Freshmen in high school...SERIOUSLY? I was JUST in HIGH SCHOOL!!! I went to a wedding last month where I was friends with the PARENTS of the groom.
I think the other realization I have had is how much my own parents DIDN'T KNOW. I remember thinking they were so old and experienced that they were making the decisions for me and brother from this vast knowledge that they had acquired as adults. I thought that once I got into my 30's suddenly I would be graced with this same knowledge...IT WAS ALL A LIE!!! I am here here to tell you, you don't receive some special "parent knowledge". I am seriously winging it as a parent. You know I am trying to make the best decisions I can, but I am still LEARNING as I go along...
So, May 30th came and we did celebrate. I attended church with my family, which is one of my favorite things to do. Then that evening Mom and Pop made me their favorite dish they had while they were in Italy...Bistecca Trestevere con Rucola (Beef steak in the Trestevere style with Arugula) and it was DELICIOUS!!! There was no birthday cake slathered with icing (due to the fact I am cutting out sugar for a year), but my mom did make me a yummy orange-cranberry bread which she stuck 2 pretty candles that look like roses.
I survived the increase of a year and after thinking about all I have accomplished in my 38 years, I am pretty happy and look forward to what the next 38 hold in store for me.


Emily & Rob said...

YAY! Happy day...happy year!

Costa Rica Baby! said...

Great post! I have those same feelings..."you mean my parents knew as little then as I do now" Can you imagine the things we could have gotten away with if this secret was revealed to us at teenagers?
Fun to think about...but let's keep the secret from our kids!!
Happy birthday!!!