Tuesday, June 01, 2010


We went down to Ferron for Memorial Weekend. Steve brought along the canoe and decided to let the twins come along with him. The water level of the river was not as high as he hoped and there was some concern that what should be about a 5 hour float would be slightly longer. But that was not going to stop this adventuresome trio. They hit the water about 9:00 am. I went back to mom and pop's and we packed up a picnic to bring back down to "the swell" to greet them once they were done.
As we made our way to the Swinging Bridge, we stopped at the Buckhorn Panel and appreciated some of the pictographs that had been left there by the indians. I have always been fascinated by these images and would love to know exactly what inspired them. These characters that have big hands and long bodies. You can make out animals, which assumed were deer and some things that look like snakes.

After leaving the panel we ended at the campgrounds near Swinging Bridge. It was there that we unloaded the ATV and Zack and Belle took turns driving it around the area. I began to watch the time anticipating Steve and the girl's arrival. Once it was well past the 5 hour mark, we decided to break into the picnic fixings and make sure we left some for the canoers. After lunch was through I decided to give the ATV a try. I have been a little skeptic to get on the thing. I have never driven a moped, motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle, so the thought of driving that "beast" was a little scary. Once I got on, I realized it was not a beast at ALL. I even got a kick out of doing it, which meant that now Zack and Belle had to take turns with me.
Steve and the girl finally made it to the bridge at 3:00 pm (2 hours later than anticipated). They had a wonderful time in spite of the water level, but were very glad to be done and ready for some lunch. Once bellies were filled, the girlies ventured to the other side of the river to explore. They climbed up the hills looking for pretty, gem-like rocks. Once they were tired of that they would go down to the river and wade in there. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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