Wednesday, June 02, 2010


We were lucky to spend Memorial Day in Emery County. Pop is a member of the American Legion and spent the morning going to 3 different cemeteries to render honors for the veterans. It started in the Ferron cemetery at 10:00am. Many of the people from the tow showed up to listen to the prayer that was given, watch as the Legion members shot their weapons and then listened as "Taps" was played by the bugler.
I got a little emotional. Thinking of the freedom that me and my children have and people that have helped to defend it. I know we live in such a wonderful country and I am grateful for those that have protected our country, so much so that they have given their lives in doing so.
After Ferron, we drove to the Molen and Castle Dale cemeteries were the program was repeated. The difference in cemeteries we interesting. The Ferron and Castle Dale cemeteries had been lush and green with trees and bushes. Once we got to Molen it had an entirely different look...dirt mounds with headstones, but it looked like something you would see in an old western movie. What some families had done to "decorate" their plots, they had brought out grass clippings and scattered them on the mounds to help them look green. Mom said this was something that was done quite frequently back when she was a child.
We also took a little time during the weekend to drive out to the Emery cemetery to leave flowers on the graves of our family members. It was neat to listen to mom tell me stories about the family members I was not blessed to know.
As we left the last cemetery, I turned back and look at all the flowers, flags and decorations and it took my breath away.

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