Friday, July 16, 2010


This year when we went to Rhode Island to visit Steve's family, we took the train into Boston for the day. This is my fourth trip to Boston, I think. I love all the history that is there. It was especially great to share it all with the kiddos.
One of the best parts is the cemeteries. So many of the patriots that played a part in our countries birth are buried there along with those that fought to make it come about.
This is the Paul Revere statue that sits in the North End. Behind the statue is the North Church.
One of the best parts was going to Mike's Pastry in "Little Italy" for a yum-o canoli. I have NEVER had a canoli that tastes better than theirs. Highly recommend making the trip to the North End, if you are EVER in Boston.
We took the tour of the USS Constitution. Most of the upper deck was being refurbished, but we did get a tour of the lower decks, which was quite interesting.
The kids followed the "red brick road", which is the line you follow as you go along the FREEDOM TRAIL.
We ended the trail at the Bunker Hill Memorial. Unfortunately we were 15 minutes late to be able to climb to the top of the monument.

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