Friday, February 25, 2011


This week I went to the Utah State Capitol with Becky and Katie's 5th Grade classes.  Last year I did chaperone the field trip that took us on a tour of the capitol building, but "nothing" was going on.  We pretty much had the entire building to ourselves as we toured the different rooms.  That was not the case this time.  The state congress was in session and there were people EVERYWHERE.  We were able to go to the Governor's office which was neat.  Of course we did not get to see meet Governor Herbert, which had disappointed Becky.  We sat in on the House of Representatives for a few minutes.  They were discussing the budget for the state and then the representative from South Jordan, Merlynn Newbold, acknowledged our presence in the gallery.  Which excited the kids.  We were not allowed into the gallery for the Senate.  Mike Lee was addressing the Senate and the doors were locked, BUMMER!!
 Before I knew it we were loading back on the school bus to return to the elementary school. I was a little disappointed...yes, I am little my inner geek out...I could have sat in there for hours.  I would love to listen how bills are discussed and voted on.   
 On the way back to the school, Katie, Becky and I played around with my camera and took some fun pictures.  I enjoy all my kiddos so much and glad I have these opportunities to do these activities with them.

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