Monday, February 14, 2011


 The table all set awaiting the kids for their special Valentines Day Breakfast.  I set it the night before so it would be ready to go.  I also placed at each of the kiddos places their gifties...Steve and I gave the girls small stuffed bears that said, "I LOVE YOU" whenever you squeezed its paw.  And Zack got a gift box of M&M's (although I hate to admit it he is getting kind of old for the stuffed animals).  One of the things the kids were most excited about was the cards for both of us.  We had each written them a small note to let them know just how much we love them and feel blessed to have them in our family.
 Steve and I got up a little early and worked on breakfast together...Steve did the bulk of the cooking: bacon, eggs and the fruit salad.  While I slaved away at making pancakes that were shaped like hearts.  It was kind of nice to be in the kitchen with my honey working on this festive breakfast for the kiddos.
 It was a yummy breakfast.  Something about the heart shape must make those pancakes taste even yummier.  It was nice to gather around the table in the morning with the kids.  They were so excited for the Valentines and the breakfast.  Steve and I are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I am so glad that we have made them a part of the Valentines celebration!! 

 Steve and I continued our "14 DAYS of VALENTINES".  These are some of the books I have made in the past, but this year I moved away from that.  I saw a neat project of the blog Paper, Plate and Plane .  She had made an advent calendar at Christmas time that were Lego boxes made from card stock.  As soon as I saw this, I knew what I would do for Steve's 14 Days...Lego Heart!!!  And inside each box there would be a famous quote about love.  This was the MOST TEDIOUS project I have ever worked on.  I am very glad I did, but HOLY MOLY!!!  I am glad Steve appreciated it as much as he did.  He was even more thoughtful he made me heart shaped Popsicles in different flavors.  And attached to each was a green leaf that a quote from romantic movies.  The various flavors he came up with for each days Popsicle was pretty exciting to see.  There was a Diet Coke (of course), pineapple, orange, raspberry, blueberry, hot cocoa, peanut butter, pancake batter, but the one that I just could not eat was...PICKLE JUICE.  That was so stinkin' salty!!!  Luckily he gave that one to me on Fast Sunday, so I couldn't eat it anyway.
It was a pretty wonderful Valentines season...kind of sad to see it come to an end.  I'll have to start to plan what I am going to do for Steve in 2012!!

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