Wednesday, June 22, 2011


 Saturday, June 18th...the family was up and dressed at 6:00am in the morning and we were driving to the Pavilion at the River Trail in South Jordan.  Steve, the kids and I signed up to run in the Country Fest 5K.   We did this race with the kids a couple of years ago and had a GREAT experience and the kids have been asking to do another race.   The weather was perfect and the race started on time.  Steve and the kids began in the front of the pack while I took my usual place bringing up the rear.  I started with my friend Mikki by my side, but as soon as I began to "run" I realized I needed to start of a little slower and waved her ahead.  The sweetheart that she is, she tried to encourage me to stay with her, but I told her to go ahead and make her best time.  So I was on my own and to be honest, I don't mind it too much.  It makes me very self conscience to "run" with someone.  I don't run for long and feel like such a loser, so it is just easier to run alone and go at my pace.  I do try to challenge myself.  As the continued down the path I could see Mikki and one of my girls running together.  What an awesome feeling to know that there was someone encouraging my daughter along too.  I did not see Steve cross the finish, which told me I was doing better than I had the last time I had run this course.  I kept pushing along and began to made my way through the neighborhood.  I actually enjoy that portion the most.  I love the pretty houses we run, or in my case, wa-og by.  As I was about a half way through the neighborhood, there I saw my angel.  Steve was there to help encourage me, as he has done in all my races, through the remainder of the race.  I love to see his face.  He always makes me feel like I am accomplishing something and that I have ALL the abilities to do it.  I crossed the finish line a little after 45 minutes (my goal was 45minutes).  Mikki, who had come in 6 minutes before me and all my kids along with Steve, stood there at the finish cheering me in.  Gotta love that family of mine!!!
 We hung around for the awards.  Steve knew he was getting an award for his age division, which was a FIRST place.  He also came in FOURTH overall...holy cow that man of mine can run FAST!!!
We hung around through the other awards to see if any of our kiddos had placed and we were glad we did...
BECKY won a 1st PLACE medal
BELLE 2nd PLACE medal
KATIE took a 3rd PLACE medal
in their age division...They were all tickled and I must say, I was a pretty proud mama.
As usual, I am very blessed for my family, especially Steve that supports me and is my biggest cheerleader.  He makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING and has helped me to do things I would never have dreamed I could do.

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