Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Books, books, books

Belle and her friends had gone to the pool and Steve was enjoying spending some time with Zack.  So what was there for me to do?  One of my favorite things...TREASURE HUNTING at DESERET INDUSTRIES.  I wasn't looking for anything in particular.  I just meandered through the store and found myself where I usually end up, over at the books. 
I love having shelves with biographies, the classics, contemporary fiction, self help, how to guides and even those large coffee table books.  I think it has carried over from the home I was brought up in.  There were always books on the bookshelf that I loved to flip through.  And my own mother would spend her "free time" reading all sorts of books.  I have become a NOOK user and actually like it.  It is very convenient to bring a whole library of e-books along with me on a vacation, but truly it doesn't replace the feeling of holding a book on your lap, flipping through a biography looking at the photos or even the sound of breaking in the spine of a new book... So Yesterday,  I managed to find seven more books to add to our shelves:
THE CENTURY by Peter Jennings:  This is a great coffee table book that chronicles the events of the 20th Century.  The photos are incrdible and fun to look at.  Loved seeing just what an incredible 100 years the last century was. ($5)
HOME by Julie Andrews: I am looking forward to reading this one.  Who doesn't love Julie Andrews?  Mary Poppins, Maria Von Trapp, who ever she was playing in the movies, you couldn't help but love her and envy her for all her stinkin' talent. ($1)
GLIMPSES into the LIFE and HEART of MARJORIE PAY HINCKLEY by Virginia H. Pearce:  I have seen this book for years in Seagull book store on my own friend's book shelves, but have never gotten it.  This was truly a treasure.  I look forward to read this one.  I thought she was such an adorable woman and enjoyed seeing her with the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.  I often thought when Steve and I got old, I hoped we would have a relationship as sweet as the two of them. ($1)
I also managed to find some cheap paperback classic to add to the shelves...
THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS by CS Lewis, AROUND THE WORLD in 80 DAYS byJules Verne, PICTURE of DORIAN GREY by Oscar Wilde, and  FALL of the HOUSE of USHERS by Edgar Allan Poe. ($.50 ea)
Not a bad way to spend $9.00.  I hope by filling the house with a wide array of books I am also instilling the love for books on my kids.

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Emery County Archives said...

Love you blog. I love books too, and have a whole little room in my house as a library. I'm a friend of your mom's She is a neat lady. I love what you said about her. Love your choice of books. Some of them are my favorites. You can't beat anything about Marjorie Hinckley. Screwtape Letters is one I quote all the time. Cute blog!