Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

It is that time of the year. Last night before going to bed, I set out cute stuffed animals for the girls and a box of candy for Zack. Then I popped out of bed about 6:00 am and began to make my heart shaped pancakes to help in the celebration. Little did I know that with all the snow we got last night, that school had been delayed 2 hours...UGH!!! I could have slept in.
Slowly, the kidlets wandered down stairs. Zack was the first to discover his goodies. He was followed by Belle and the twins stumbled down the stairs soon after. Everyone seemed to enjoy their Valentine breakfast and were tickled to get a stuffed animal.

This was the `14th year Steve and I have done the 14 Days of Valentines. I saw a neat idea on Ali Edwards Blog. So I printed of the inner pages of her book, but made a page for each of the 14 days. Then I wrote a reason each day of why I love Steve. Some were sentimental and some were silly. Today I will assemble all the pages into a book and give that to him when he gets home form work.
Steve's idea was to recap the last 14 years. Each day represented a theme from each year we have been doing this. I loved strolling down memory lane as I read each Valentine. I still love that we do this and one of the coolest things has been the children seem to enjoy it too. They love to see what Steve and I do for eachother. It is neat to share that with our children and they get to see and hear just how much their parents love and respect eachother

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