Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Fun

It was a warm day here in our neighborhood. When the kidlets were done with their chores, reading and lunch they put on their bathing suits and headed to our pool.
They were having such a great time together. Belle was jumping into the pool repeatedly. Zack was giving Katie and Becky rides on their back. They even had sword fights using the broken noodles.

Daisy even seemed to be enjoying the day outside. She did her usual running around the pool and occasionally jumping up to get a better look at the kids inside. When she either I got too hot or bored, she would wander over to the sprinkler and cool
herself off.

And this is what mommy does as the kids play in the pool. I love my time sitting on the deck, listening to the kids play and getting caught up on magazine reading and the latest bookclub selection.
I think this is the kids favorite part of swimming. They LOVE laying out on the HOT concrete. I think they are pretty cute laying there, basking in the sun.


sHaWna in Costa Rica baby! said...

You sure can tell you have photography experience. Those pictures are GREAT!!!
We just got a dog and guess what, her name is Daisy! Funny!

Your kids are adorable as always.

Kim said...

This looks like something we do alot at my place. Kids in the pool,while I am reading. Wish we were closer!