Thursday, December 11, 2008


Saturday I took the kids to South Towne Center to visit the Festival of Trees.
There were hundreds of beautifully decorated trees in different themes.
Many of the trees are decorated in remembrance of a child or adult that has passed away. Next to some of the trees would be there photo and there were people who stood near the trees that could tell you the stories behind the trees.
There was a sweet spirit there with those trees.
It was a little piece of heaven for me. There were many brightly decorated trees that I fell in love with. There were a couple of trees that were "girlie themed" with purses and shoes. Those were also some of my favorites. Another one that caught my eye was the tree that was decorated with PEZ candy dispensers. Very clever. The kids enjoyed the trees too.
It was an excellent way to spend a chilly Saturday afternoon

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Kim said...

These trees are so beautiful. I would love to attend something like this!