Monday, March 23, 2009


Our ward has the coolest activity once a year. They get 10 couples to teach different sections out of the Book of Mormon. These people study that specific section for months leading up to the event. For a few days leading up to the event, volunteers decorate different rooms in the church building to represent each section and the cultural hall is like a market place. Many sisters volunteer to bring or make specific foods or even to work in the kitchen preparing specific snacks and meals.
This was Zack's 2nd year and he was so excited when the day finally arrived. The youth (ages 12-18) meet at the ward building at 7:00 am. Then they are put into groups of 8-10 children. Then go off with their specific teacher. They spend all day studying 1 specific section, in depth. The get a few breaks every 45 minutes to an hour. In which time they had a snack and shopped at the marketplaces, that are also manned by volunteers.

I am not sure what I am most impressed with:
all the volunteers that give of their time or resources to make this event a success
the youth in being willing to spend the entire day studying the scriptures.

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Costa Rica Baby! said...

What a GREAT event for your ward.

And the families that delve into specific heroes in the scriptures.