Saturday, November 20, 2010

HP 7~The Deathly Hallows pt.1

Last night Steve and I took the kids to see the first movie in the Harry Potter Series. The kids had done so well on their report cards, we wanted to do something to celebrate, so we purchased our tickets a few weeks ago. We thought about going to the midnight showing, but we could not get seats all together and the prospect of going to bed at 3:30 and waking up a few hours later was not fun.
We waited for Steve to get home from work and went to the Megaplex Theater at the District. We had 10:10 pm tickets for the Imax version. The kids were so excited!! We purchased our popcorns and sodas and got settled into our seats. It was fun to listening to the audience (and Steve) cheer when the Harry Potter theme music began playing.
I have complained when we have watched other HP movies, that they leave our parts of the book that I think are so important or had looked forward to seeing how it would be depicted in the movie, but I did not have that feeling with this movie. There was a few instances where things were changed up a little, but over all I was pleased with what we saw last night. Even though much of the movie is dark and intense, there are some very funny scenes.
Probably the saddest part was a scene involving Dobby. I looked over to see Katie and Belle wiping her eyes to the right of me and then to the left Becky looked into Becky's eyes to see them filled with pools of tears...too cute!!
Definitely looking forward to July 15, 2011 to see Part 2.
It might worth getting tickets to the midnight show and being inconvenienced to getting to bed at 3:30am to say good-bye to all these characters that our family have enjoyed reading and watching.

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