Sunday, November 21, 2010


A WHITE THANKSGIVING? This is what we woke up to this morning...9" of snow. I am actually pretty excited. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and the yards were beginning to look at little brown and dead. So once that happens I am ready for the snow and the winter. Its not our 1st snow...we had gotten a few dustings, but nothing that really stuck through the day. This was REAL snow.
Steve and I got the kids out of bed and they donned their snow clothes and shovels and took to the driveway. It was a pretty heavy snow and it took them about an hour, with the help from Steve, to get it all done. Once they were done they enjoyed hot cocoa and a yummy breakfast. Then Steve left for work. It was then that I got the 1st phone call...

"Oh, hi Lindsi"
"Yes, it is good packing snow"
"What is Steve gonna make?"
"Well, he has gone to work"
"You think he is looking sick last time you saw him and he should come back home? And making snow sculptures is a great way to treat a cold?"
"I'll let him know"

It continued after I got to church. People told me how excited they were to see what he was gonna to make. Telling me they wanted to drive by later to and see what was in our yard. So when I got home from church, I called Steve and told him that I was pretty sure that if he did not do a snow sculpture tonight the neighborhood might rebel. The kids went out to the backyard and tried to make a snow fort of their own, but I wouldn't let them build in the front yard, so they could save the snow for Steve.
So after we finished our Sunday dinner, Steve changed into warm snow clothes and grabbed one of the resin turkeys I have sitting on the hutch and out he went. The kids were excited to join him. Belle actually said that it is a tradition to help dad out. I'm not sure how much they actually help, but I think they enjoy being out there with him while he is doing it.

Even after all these years it still amazes me how quickly he can get one of these up. He did tell me that the snow was already beginning to get crusty when he got out there. Which made it difficult to but much detail into the feathers, but I still think his turkey turned out pretty good.

Hoping that the neighbors who inquired about what he would make, will enjoy driving by and seeing our sculpture. Its neat that he has this talent he is able to share with our neighbors and that they seem so excited to "appreciate" it.

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Mikki said...

I LOVE the turkey!! But remember when Steve told me I had to much time on my hands because I spray painted an eyeball???? Well now I am returning the same comment.... However.... I do want one for my yard.... so..... if he has your yard filled up with animals, have him come on over to fine and start!!!