Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last week I went to Deseret Industries (which is like a Goodwill or Thrift Shop) looking for some old books to convert into cute little purses. As I made my way to the book area, I noticed a couple of pieces of furniture. One was a large, overstuffed chair that was practically new. Then behind that I saw this beautiful make-up vanity with an upholstered stool. The stool was still new with a piece of plastic covering it. The vanity also appeared new with a couple of small scratches. And the best part was both pieces were just $35.00. I put it on hold and drove home to see what Steve thought of buying it. He came back with me and looked it over and agreed it was a good deal. The only flaw was there were no lights and where we wanted to put it in our bedroom we would have to install lights. We went to Home Depot and after thoroughly confusing an older gentleman that was working in the electrical department, we walked out with two light bars. Steve, the handyman that he is, attached them to either side of the mirror on the vanity and wired them to have a plug and on/off switch. He did such a great job.
So this morning I moved my makeup into the little drawer. After taking my shower I got to sit at my "girlie" make-up vanity. What a fun way to start off my day...I LOVE BEING A GIRL!!!

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