Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I ended the 1st day of December decorating "my" tree. This is the tree that Steve gave me for Christmas. Since our 1st Christmas I had wanted a tree that would have all coordinated ornaments. So a few years ago, Steve bought me the tree and I have acquired these bright colored ornaments during the after Christmas sales. So since Steve was at work, Zack and Belle were at Mutual, so the girls and I turned on Christmas music and I decorated the tree. It is always fun to pull out those new ornaments that I bought in Januray and am finally getting to use.
I enjoy setting up this tree. A few nights before we did the "family" tree which is also fun. That trees has the ornaments we have collected over the years from the places we have visited. Steve and I also give eachother ornaments each year. This year we also gave the kiddos ornaments. Last year we had given Zack and oboe ornament and then this year we got Belle a piano ornament and Katie a Black kitty ornament. But my favorite is the Hallmark "countdown" ornament. Becky has a white board in her bedroom and has countdown all the big events of the year, so it seemed only right to give her that ornament.

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