Saturday, December 18, 2010


Time to makes some minor repairs...the top of the "mommy" Christmas tree was not staying lit. It was happening more and more frequently until until the last few days when it wasn't on at all...GRRRR!!! Steve took the top off of the tree to see if he could figure out what was happening. Unfortunately he did not have any luck. Actually he got to the point where it wasn't turning on at all. So we decided for a couple of dollars we could restring some new crystal light and take off the old ones. In theory this seemed like a GREAT idea, until we started to remove the old light. There was a little plastic clip next to each bulb that held the string in place. This meant that I had to remove about 100 of those little plastic clips. Luckily Katie and Becky wandered into the room and I wrangled them into helping me out with my little project. They are fabulous helpers.
Before too long, we got all the old lights removed and the new ones in place. This put Steve back on the ladder to reassemble the tree. And the next thing we knew "ta-da" we had ALL the lights on the Christmas tree illuminated!!

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