Saturday, December 18, 2010


Since Steve has to work on the Sunday before Christmas (which is when the Christmas program is at church) we decided to deck everyone out in their new Christmas outfits. My girls have grown up so much, there is no more crinoline lined dressed with lots of bows and frills. All 3 of their dresses looked much more mature. Belle even got an "actual pair of high heels". She squealed with joys when I revealed them to her. They are pretty cute shoes. And Zack had asked for a suit. So he received a nice black suit with a crisp white shirt.

So as I have done in the past, I made sure everyone was dressed and ready 30 minute before church so we could get some family pictures taken. I took individuals of everyone. Belle showing off her "sassy" side, Zack exuding a little GQ and Katie and Becky showed me that even though they are getting bigger, they are still very much my little girls. And of course, I turned my camera over to one of the kiddos and had them take a few snapshots of my and my best friend!!

After dinner was done that evening and dishes were completed, we put on our coats and walked around the block to the Harrises. There home was being used to collect donations for the Road Home. A few of the ladies organized this event for our neighborhood to participate in. The idea in itself was wonderful. They did send around a letter suggesting that people participate in this activity in lieu of neighbor gifts. I'm sure many people consider this a great idea, I am not one of them. I mean the service idea is AWESOME and I was happy to participate, but the neighbor gift idea just did not sit well with me. I enjoy doing my neighbor gifts. Part of the reason we moved her was because we wanted to have neighbors. I don't care if I receive anything FROM my neighbors, but I truly enjoy giving gifts to those who have been kind to my family and I over the past year, letting those who I know, but maybe haven't done much with lately, that I still adore them. So Steve and I decided that we would do a little of both: donate to the neighborhood service project and give a few neighbor gifts.

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