Sunday, December 12, 2010


Katie, Becky and I were out there door early. They came along with me to finish up much of my Christmas shopping. I had a list that I hoped to have all the items checked off on, which meant we had to visit many different stores. They were awesome and very patient with me. And it all paid off for them. Once we got to Target I bought them each a bag of popcorn, which they thoroughly enjoyed.
I have to admit, although I would really much rather have everyone on the traditional schedule, I have enjoyed having these moment alone with the twins. We spent time singing Christmas songs in the car and talked about their friends and school. It is a little blessing to have this special time with them.
Later in the evening, Zack and Belle went out with the Young Men and Women to decorate mailboxes in our neighborhood. I loved going out Thursday morning and seeing all the boxes in the neighborhood with a red ribbon and sprig of evergreen. Just kind of added something to our neighborhood..

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