Saturday, December 18, 2010


Spent most of the afternoon at Mikki's working on our last craft of the year. We made a cute Nativity. Susan, Annette, Lisa, Tammie and of course Mikki were there. I sometimes think if we just painted instead of giggling and laughing we would be done so much quicker. But the laughing is probably the best part of getting together.
I have really enjoyed going over to her house once a week and making something. The last few months have been so good for me. So many of those creative muscles have been put back to work.
The evening was mutual for Zack and Belle. Belle and the other Young Women in the ward celebrated the holiday. They had a $1.00 gift exchange, played games and sang carols. I sometimes miss being in the Young Women's organiztion. Belle came home with these pictures and it looked like so much fun was had. I am glad she has such great leaders and good friends in there.

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