Wednesday, December 15, 2010


For the last 5 years, one of the highlights of the season is the Duve's Christmas Party. We have been blessed to have this couple as friends for 6 years. We play games and go to movies with throughout the year, but this is by far my favorite thing to do with them. They invite other friends from the neighborhood and the ward to their home for an evening of conversation and good food. But the highlight of the evening by far is the White Elephant exchange portion bring to the of the evening. The $5.00 gift we bring to this party, we look for throughout the year. Some of the gifts are usually silly, gross, or just plain HILARIOUS. This year was not a disappointment. We saw a Tupperware container with goldfish, a pair of "Booty-Pop" underwear, a "Bump-It" hair accessory, 2 "Hill Billy Handbags", a talking Christmas wreath, a 7X pair of men's tightie whities, poop made into a bird "sculpture", a t-shirt with one couple's picture on and they autographed it, a pair of Jazz Tickets for the game that was being played while we were at the party, a Grinch stuffed animal, a Santa Mr. Potato Head, a bottle of Martinelli's with a flask, a large bag of gummie bears, and so much more. But by far the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen was a set of antlers mounted with different Christmas ornaments hang off of them. Oh that's not all...two of the ornaments, when squeezed, "tooted" Christmas songs.

Steve and I went home with the Mr. Potato Head and the Martinellis with the Flask. The action we took in acquiring "the spud" did bring a little controversy. It has been given the name "the Weber" if an item is stolen from a person, then said person steals from their spouse so that their spouse can reacquire the originally stolen item. We feel so HONORED to now have a been awarded such a prestigious accolade. As usually, the party was fabulous, GOOD FRIENDS, GREAT CONVERSATION and MUCH LAUGHING!!

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